Every Influencer has their own idea of vacation and every brand has their own criteria for Influencers to meet. We provide bespoke matching services and unique campaign management for Hotels and Resorts.

Your Influencer Partner

Hassle-Free Influencer Marketing Management

Real Travel Influencers

Our Influencer Partners are serious about helping you make the most of the marketing partnership.

Fair Compensation

We’ll find the Influencer who will be happy to do your campaign. We’ll handle all negotiations according to your budget.

Campaign Management

We help you maximize the Influencer reach and awareness the campaign generates. We’ll also give you a report after the Influencer’s vacation.


Get Featured at WFAC

By working with us, you will also get featured to our other travel membership club.

Work From Anywhere Club

A club membership for entrepreneurs and professionals who work from anywhere. Access exclusive accommodation packages, coaching programs, remote working tools, and software. 

When you join us as a Partner, you can offer your packages to our Club Members at no extra costs! 

Working With Us

Why Hotels and Resorts Should Work With A Travel Influencer Agency


  • Brand Mismatch – their audience may not be your preferred audience for your hotel.
  • Demanding Influencers – they may be asking for too much. (Let us handle applications and rejections.)
  • Untracked Posts – hotels and resorts that work directly with Influencer may not be able to track the results of the Influencer campaign.


  • More people are wanting to become an Influencer or Content Creator as a new career or media business.
  • Working with them can get you extra marketing content.
  • You also have brand exposure that builds loyalty to the right audience.
  • Influencers are Marketers and Media Partners.
  • Organic-like content

Hotel/Resort Information